Just like many great Moms, this gift guide is short, sweet, and a little bit quirky!  Earlier this week, I noticed that while Christmas and Valentine’s Day get “gift guides” by the dozens, Mother’s Day gift guides end up limited to “Best, cheap Amazon gift.” If that’s your thing, have at it!  But for those who believe that Mom deserves a handcrafted item made with the type of quality that will last her well into her retirement home years, then please check out the selection below!

Enjoy this list of 10 companies who are putting out some outstanding candidates for Mother’s Day gifts. Also, for those of you who are curious, the companies are sorted in reverse alphabetical order.

1. Untitled Co. 

Designer and carpenter, Cody of Untitled Co., produces an array of stunning home goods and furniture ranging from air planters, to magnetic knife holders.  His knack for blending organic forms with the warmth of hardwood results in items that will add beautiful character to Mom’s home.

The entire collection of Untitled Co. products can be found at untitledco.design.

2. Smart Adaptive Clothing

Mom never wants to see her child struggle, and the same holds true for a child to their mother. Thankfully, due to wonderfully innovative women like Nancy of Smart Adaptive Clothing, the seemingly simple act of looking good in a button down shirt can still be an option even if a parent can no longer maneuver that button herself. 

To see the technology behind their Velcro based easy-fasten clothing, along with their line of stlylish options, visit their site at smartadaptiveclothing.com.

3. Sage Woodworks

The definition of “double-take” is the reaction you have upon seeing one of Mel’s hand-made works of art. The elegant complexity between topology-inspired design and a brilliant pallet of color results in her outstanding collection of wall and tabletop furnishings.

To see the increasingly impressive array of design that Mel produces, visit sagewoodworks.org.

4. Moon Guitars

So, Dad’s a little bit country, and Mom’s a little bit rock and roll? Well, then it can’t get any cooler than seeing Mom shred on a custom built axe by luthier Kyle of Moon Guitars.  His brand is the true embodiment of taking art, and not only applying it to music, but also embedding it into the very instruments that you use to make that music.

To see the entire list of offerings and services available through them, visit moon-guitars.com.

5. Mason Dixon

You know that you had Mom running around like a crazy person during your younger years (and perhaps into your adult years). Well, now it’s time for you to treat Mom and her feet to a pair of the remarkably beautiful shoes that Heather of Mason Dixon custom crafts in her shop.  By allowing you to pick the type of leather and color of laces, these Frankford boots are guaranteed to be as unique as Mom herself. 

For information on how to get your Mom kicking around in a custom pair of boots, visit masondixonmade.com.

6. Idol Light

The sleek and stunning form factor that jeweler, Machele of Idol Light creates for her line could blow you away just on its own. But when you factor in her signature scientific glass, cut in such ways that you’ll believe that she figured out how to capture a magic entity within every piece, then you’ll really understand why these accessories will make Mom’s eyes sparkle on Mother’s Day.

To see her entire line of jewelry, visit idol-light.com.

7. Hyphen Crafts

Nature is beautiful and mysterious; Not only in the way that it produces such mesmerizing plants and animals, but also in the materials it creates, like hardwoods and metals.  So, as you can imagine, when jeweler, Sara of Hyphen Crafts, blends those two concepts together, the results are nothing short of spectacular.  

Check out the entire collection of unique creations at etsy.com/shop/HyphenCrafts.

8. Coco Love

Mom’s endless wisdom isn’t something that she picked up over night. It took years of experience to end up where she is. The same holds true for the delicious loose-leaf tea collections that Lindsey and Jonathon of Coco Love have put together.  In fact, these premium blends are so good, Mom may not want to share any with you during Mother’s Day brunch!

To see their full line of teas, along with some yummy recipes, visit cocolovepairings.com.

9. Cafe Ynez

Not every Mom is into getting more material things.  Sometimes the memories and experiences are what really give Mom the warm and fuzzies on Mother’s Day.  Well, when it comes to serving up a delicious Mother’s Day brunch, leave that up to the team at Cafe Ynez, a BYOB mexican restaurant in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood of South Philly. While my go-to consists of their huevos rancheros and a cafe con leche, I can honestly say that every item that I’ve had on their menu is amazing!  

To check out their menu and make a reservation, visit cafeynez.com. 

10. Destined Goods

That’s right…when I’m not writing critically acclaimed Mother’s Day gift guides by candle light, you’ll find me (Mark) designing and producing customizable drinkware that’s sure to elevate any beverage. Is Mom one of those “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” parents? Then I’ll bet she won’t enjoy that grumpy cup of coffee more than if she’s sipping out of my limited edition “Mom” mug, including a quatrefoil leather sleeve and a choice of blush pink or ivory white ceramic mug.

To see the entire collection of Destined Good’s drinkware, visit my online shop at destined goods.com/shop.

Thanks for reading along! I hope that you’ve been inspired by this list of impressive makers from the Philadelphia area. And don’t forget that “handmade” and “small batch” tend to be synonymous; so, if something peaked your fancy, make sure to snag one before they’re all gone!

Most importantly, be sure to make your Mom feel special and appreciated for this and every Mother’s Day. In fact, make her feel special every day, because you have to remember that nobody has more dirt on you than Mom!

Do you have any questions about this article, or suggestions for future topics, feel free to contact me via my “Contact Us” form, or shoot me an email at DESTINEDGOODS@gmail.com.