I’m Mark, the founder of  the Destined Goods brand.  

My mission is to make high quality, handcrafted items that are customized to provide you with a daily reminder of your favorite memories and things.   

My vision is to provide a working environment in which stay-at-home parents can collaborate from the convenience of their home, on their own schedule, while caring for what they cherish most, their children. I call this initiative POD (Parents Of Destined Goods).

Our Team Is Growing!


This section will be evolving over the next few months to introduce you to our newest members of the Destined Goods team, or as we refer to it POD (Parents of Destined Goods).  In the meantime, you can read up about this in our latest article.

By combining natural elements of ceramic, leather, and metal, the materials can stay simple enough to stand out on their own. Yet the combination of the materials adds up to to produce a flair of modern elegance.

Each and every one of our items has been ideated, designed, and manufactured locally in Philadelphia, PA. The advantage of small scale production is that it allows for the maintenance of craftsmanship.