We’ve all seen them. The glass bottles filled with that delicious amber liqour, sitting next to a couple of tumblers on your family member’s bar cart.  They’re a ubiquitous prop for any scene including a business man’s monologue, and, in turn, exude a sense of heir.  Likewise, they’re present in just about any home staging and magainze photoshoot. But for an item that has developed such strong tie to high living and importance, I ask a simple question: What does a whiskey decanter do?


 Any whino will tell you that when it comes to wine decanters, they enhance the drinking in two primary ways:

  1. The process of decanting allows for the natural filtering of any sediment that would have settled to the bottom of the wine bottle, keeping your glass clear of little floaties
  2. The wide, bowl shape at the bottom of a wine decanter allows for the wine to “breathe”